The Story Behind Our sahu chai

Our passion for making chai leads us to become the most famous and oldest chai wala in Jaipur. My father Mr. Rajender kumar sahu Has taken the responsibility and maintain the specialty. 

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Each cafe boasts a distinctive and unique design.

Tea Lounge

Your Perfect Tea Moment Awaits.

Chai Delivery


Creating Moments, Inspiring Memories.

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“Relax and Unwind with Our Diverse Chai Selection.”

Our Achievements

Proud Moments, Bright Futures.

modi favorite tea stall

(Franchise Owned Franchise Operated)

In this model, the company leases or licenses its brand name to a franchise operator for a specified, non-refundable fee, often referred to as the "Franchise Fee." This arrangement typically spans an agreed-upon period of time. so this is all about us. Please contact for any query

Franchise Models

(Company Owned Company Operated)

This can be described as another branch or outlet of the company, entirely owned and managed by the company itself. The company handles all aspects of establishment and operation, and it is not affiliated with a franchise arrangement.

Local Sourcing

We directly source our chai from Assam and Darjeeling farms, ensuring freshness and supporting local communities.

Tailored Blends

Our teas are crafted to satisfy regional taste preferences, delivering maximum flavor.

Perfect Balance

Carefully chosen grain size maintains the ideal flavor, aroma, and texture.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality and sustainability guarantees exceptional tea in every packet.

Fair Trade

We source directly from farms, eliminating middlemen to benefit both farmers and customers.


Enjoy all-natural goodness; our chai contains no chemicals or artificial additives

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What our customers are saying​​

Undoubtedly this would be my favourite in jodhpur now ❤️ Coming to the the ambience of the cafe which is damn pretty and attractive.. they do have ample space with attractive neon signs and tag lines. The theme of cafe is so different and damn attractive.. I never been to such place which is having truly a different concept in terms of menu and ambience.. highly impressed with everything This cafe is the best and prefect example for setting.

Ayushi Jain

Sahu chai wala is already famous in different parts of Jaipur and now they have opened a new outlet in rajapark. You should give their tea and snacks a try. You can enjoy food and drinks at pocket friendly prices , worth every penny. The quality and quantity of their food is 5/5. I love their different types of pakoras, samosa , sahu special sandwich, Alfredo pasta and ofcourse sahu special chai. Do give it a try if you are in rajapark.

Albinus Joseph

It has classy ambience. The seating area is designed in a way that each group/individual can get full privacy. They have 90+ items in unlimited buffet. My favourite from the buffet is their chaats and munchies platter. They also have Pav Bhaji, Chole Kulche and Jain Food in their Menu.There were lots of options in desserts also. They have a separate area / room for parties. Service was good. Pizza's were served on time.

Rishika Shah
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