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Sahu Chai Wala

Welcome to the story of “Sahu Chai Wala” – where tradition and modern tea vibes come together. It all started in the historic streets of Jaipur under a big peepal tree. Our Grandfather, late Shree Ladhu Ram, introduced Sahu Restaurant, now known as Sahu Chaiwala, a favorite in Jaipur.

Fondly known as “Sahu Chai Wala,” we’re Jaipur’s oldest and most-loved chai spot. Now, we’ve grown into a top Chai-Franchise in Rajasthan. Our journey is all about hard work, resilience, and proving that if we can do it, so can you!

Join us in spreading the warmth of Garma-Garam Chai worldwide. We’re inviting you to be part of our chai family by opening your own franchise. Because at Sahu Chaiwala, it’s not just about tea, it’s about sharing a cup of goodness that brings people together. Let’s share the joy of chai!

Mr. Rajender Kumar Sahu

Our success at Sahu Chai Wala comes from a deep love for making the perfect chai, making us the go-to chai spot in Jaipur. Carrying on from our grandfather, my dad, Mr. Rajender Kumar Sahu, not only keeps our cherished tradition alive but also takes our chai venture to new levels. His hard work ensures that Sahu Chai Wala stays true to its roots.

Our excellence shows in the people who drop by Sahu Restaurant – celebs and politicians love to taste our special chai. They say, whether you live in Jaipur or just visit, coming to Sahu Chai Wala is a must. Join us in keeping the chai tradition alive and sharing the timeless joy of a cup of chai that’s more than just a drink – it’s a piece of our cultural heritage.

Mr. Rajender Kumar Sahu

Anil Sahu, our leader of the Sahu chai legacy’s third generation, has taken our family tradition to new heights. His dedication to keeping our roots alive while adding new ideas has brought us the thriving catering service, a vital part of our brand. With Anil at the charge, we’ve not only kept our title as Jaipur’s favorite chai spot but have also become a must-have at all kinds of events.

Under his guidance, we now serve our Garma-Garam Chai and delightful chaat at gatherings, making sure no event feels complete without our touch. Anil Sahu’s passion has turned our chai and chaat into the aroma and taste of joy at every celebration. With him leading the way, we’re here to make every gathering unforgettable.

Thanks to the love from our community, Mr. Sanjay Sahu, MBA, from our family’s third generation, took big steps. He opened cafes all over Jaipur, where we don’t just serve our famous chai but also offer a menu with over 100 yummy food items and lots of different drinks. Our love for making the perfect chai has made us the most well-known and long-lasting chai spot in Jaipur. Now, we’re one of the top Chai-Franchises in Rajasthan.

Our journey had its tough moments, but it shows that if we can do it, so can you! We’re inviting you to join us in spreading the warmth of Garma-Garam Chai around the world. How? By becoming part of our franchise family. Together, let’s share the joy of our chai with everyone, making it a special part of people’s lives.

Mr. Sanjay Sahu

Our Mission

Embarking on a mission to spread  Chai across the world is an ambitious endeavor that seeks to share the essence of India’s culture and flavors with a global audience. Here’s an explanation of this mission:

**1.  Chai as a Symbol:**  Chai, or chai served in traditional clay cups  represents not just a beverage but a symbol of India’s rich cultural heritage. The use of clay cups not only imparts a unique flavor but also highlights sustainability and eco-friendliness.

**2. Aromatic Experience:** The mission aims to introduce people worldwide to the aromatic experience of sipping  Chai. Each sip carries the essence of India’s soil and the unique flavor profile that comes from brewing chai in clay cups. It’s an opportunity for individuals to connect with the land and culture of India through a simple yet powerful act – enjoying a cup of chai.

**3. Cultural Exchange:** Spreading Sahu Chai globally is a form of cultural exchange. It allows people from different parts of the world to experience a taste of India’s diverse and vibrant culture. It’s not just about the beverage; it’s about sharing the traditions, rituals, and stories that surround chai in India.

**4. Promoting Sustainability:** The use of clay cups for serving chai is environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and reduce plastic waste. By promoting Sahu Chai, the mission also advocates for sustainable and eco-conscious practices, encouraging people to make choices that benefit the planet.

**5. Enhancing Global Palates:** Introducing Sahu Chai to international audiences encourages individuals to expand their culinary horizons. It offers a new and distinct flavor profile, which can be a delightful addition to their palate, adding diversity to their beverage choices.

**6. Building Bridges:** Sharing Sahu Chai fosters connections between people from different backgrounds. It creates opportunities for dialogue, appreciation, and understanding, bridging cultural gaps and promoting unity through a shared love for this unique beverage.

**7. Global Outreach:** To achieve this mission, efforts could include setting up cafes or chai stalls in different countries, exporting Sahu Chai products, or collaborating with international food and beverage outlets to feature it on their menus.

**8. Storytelling and Education:** Alongside serving Sahu Chai, there’s an opportunity to educate customers about its origins, the significance of clay cups, and the art of chai-making. This storytelling aspect enriches the experience and deepens the connection with the beverage.

**9. Digital Presence:** Leveraging digital platforms and social media can help raise awareness about Sahu Chai globally. Sharing stories, recipes, and cultural insights through online channels can engage a wider audience.

**10. Partnerships:** Collaborations with cultural organizations, trade associations, and government bodies can support the mission by facilitating trade agreements, cultural exchange programs, and promotional campaigns.

In summary, the mission to spread Sahu Chai across the world is not just about promoting a beverage; it’s about celebrating India’s cultural heritage, sharing the aroma of its soil, and fostering connections among people from diverse backgrounds. It’s a journey that combines culinary traditions, sustainability, and cultural appreciation, inviting individuals globally to savor the essence of India with every sip from a chai.

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